For Parents & Schools

STAMP is a major initiative from the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance to engage more Philadelphia high school students in arts and culture. We want to increase teens’ access to all of the incredible arts and culture Philadelphia has to offer, as a means to discovering their own identities and including culture in their menu of leisure-time options (as we like to say: “a movie, a mall, a museum!”). We want to change teens’ perception of museums as places they’re not welcome, or somewhere you only go if you’re told you have to, like on a field trip.

Do you have a teen who wants to sign up for a STAMP Pass? It’s easy! All they have to do is download our app. Visit our sign-up page to get information on downloading the app or what to do if you don’t have a smartphone.

The STAMP Pass is for out of school time only, if you are a teacher or mentor and you are interested in scheduling a group tour for your students please contact the museum directly.  If you have questions about this policy please contact us at

Questions? Feel free to contact us via email at Check out our FAQs, too.