Meet the STAMP Teen Council

Every step of the way with STAMP, we have our Teen Council to guide us. A group of ten teens from all over Philadelphia keep up with the latest news at STAMP museums on our website, Twitter and Instagram pages, and also regularly give us their input on how to make arts and culture more appealing to teens, spread the word about STAMP, and more.

You can meet Teen Council members at STAMP events–they’re a great resource if you have any questions about the museums! You can also get to know Council members better by reading their blog posts.

The 2018-2019 Teen Council is:

STAMP Teen Council member Tamia Beverly Blair

Tamia Beverly-Blair,  William W. Bodine for International Affairs Junior

My favorite culture experiences in Philadelphia are the diverse cultural heritage days held in Penn’s Landing. It has helped me explore other backgrounds of people and see how their day is celebrated. Every year I volunteer at the Mexican Heritage assembly and eat authentic tacos with my friends
I am a part of STAMP Teen Council to immerse myself in all the arts Philadelphia has to offer! I love the advocacy and bringing awareness to the free things teens don’t know they have access to.

STAMP Teen Council Member Amelia Dogan

Amelia Dogan, William Penn Charter School Senior

I’m a part of STAMP Teen Council because I love art and Philly. My favorite museums are the Asian Arts Initiative, Institute of Contemporary Art and Rosenbach.

STAMP Teen Council Member Chaunte Gaines

Chaunté Gaines, Franklin Learning Center Junior

My favorite arts and cultural experience was going to the Latino festival down by the shore on Penn’s Landing this summer. It was fun listening to different music and trying different foods. I even had my first [non-alcoholic] pina colada! It was amazing and I can’t wait to go back and enjoy more of the culture that a lot of my friends also are a part of as well.

I am a part of Teen Council because I want to make museums more appealing to those who aren’t as interested in the arts. Also to develop networking skills and learn more about the arts and cultural opportunities in Philly.

Teen Council Member Samiha Hadeed-Moore

Samiha Hadeed-Moore, Girard Academic Music Program Sophomore

My favorite arts and culture experience in Philly is Reggae In The Park at the Mann Music Center in June. This is my favorite event because there is lots of amazing music, culture, and people coming together to enjoy the event.

I am a part of STAMP teen council to promote museums as a safe place for teens to share and experience different cultures, find their passions and identity, and take their education into their own hands.

STAMP Teen Council Member Kayla Johnson

Kayla Johnson, J. R. Masterman High School Junior

I love going to the events that take place at Penn’s Landing during the summer. Not only do many portray culture at its finest, but they strengthen Philadelphia’s own unique culture.

I’m a part of the STAMP teen council because I don’t think that arts and culture receive fair airtime in the lives of Philly teens. Schools seem to stop encouraging indulgence in the arts once students are of high school age and day-to-day exposure is minimal. I want to help push the message that arts and culture a.) work hand-in-hand, b.) are incredibly important in many aspects of our society, and c.) are relevant to *everyone* regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality, class, etc

STAMP Teen Council Member Abigail Leedy

Abigail Leedy, Central High School Senior

I really love the Fringe Arts fest! I’m really interested in the theater that’s part of it, and enjoy going to plays with my friends that deal with contemporary issues or are somehow non-traditional or some combination of the two. We went to a Fringe Fest play the other week that was in someone’s attic and was a comedy about national politics that was super cool! I think theater is a great medium for expressing concerns about social issues or introducing new ideas.

I wanted to do more to help make museums and exciting and accessible of teens in Philly. I think museums (and especially STAMP museums!) are really valuable tools for learning more about our communities and the wider world, as well just generally supplementing our educations. I also think their a great way to ‘fill the gaps’ left by the underfunded art education programs in Philly public schools.

Teen Council Member Sabirah Mahmud

Sabirah Mahmud, Academy at Palumbo Sophomore

My favorite cultural experience in Philly is the Indian Independence Day Festival at Penn’s Landing they have every summer. It’s a very nice cultural experience as well as the fact they have musical performances and much more.

I have always grown up with a love of museums and to work with one to organize events and help reach to more youth is basically a dream. The STAMP teen council also is such a good opportunity for Philly youth that people should know more about so by joining this i hope to help people learn more about this and just help to engage them to the arts more.

Teen Council Member Andrew Pak

Andre Pak, Central High School Senior

I enjoy spending my time at different museums for inspiration. It’s amazing to have the privilege of visiting many museums in Philadelphia for free! I would have to say my favorite arts and culture is the annual Mid-Autumn Festival in Chinatown, which has been a tradition for me to attend. It makes me feel at home and I love the atmosphere of a community coming together to celebrate their culture.

As an original STAMP Pass cardholder, I naturally wanted to join the STAMP Teen Council because of my love for museums. I wanted to extend my involvement within the arts and culture life in Philadelphia and this was a great opportunity for me to do that. I liked the environment of STAMP and I appreciated the fact that we’d work as a group in an effort to bring students from all over the city together to share our love for museums together.

STAMP Teen Council Member Jared Williams

Jared Williams, Julie R. Masterman Sophomore

My favorite arts & culture experience is The electricity exhibit in the Franklin Institute. I am part of the STAMP Teen Council because I like going to museums!

STAMP Teen Council Member Huiying Xiao

Huiying Xiao, Central High School Senior

Without a doubt, the Philadelphia Magic Gardens is my favorite arts location. The magic in its name isn’t there just to be there, the Philadelphia Magic Gardens really is magical! No artist has been able to turn “trash” into treasure as effectively than Isaiah Zagar! Who knew I could travel to a paradise right in Philadelphia.

STAMP has given me the opportunity to learn about how art, history, science (and more) all gathered together to become the amazing museums we have today. It has provided me with a chance to share how the museum experience can be improved for a typically underrepresented age group, teens. But most importantly, this is my opportunity to represent an amazing organization to share the importance of culture.