Meet the STAMP Teen Council

Every step of the way with STAMP, we have our Teen Council to guide us. A group of ten teens from all over Philadelphia keep up with the latest news at STAMP museums on our website, Twitter and Instagram pages, and also regularly give us their input on how to make arts and culture more appealing to teens, spread the word about STAMP, and more.

You can meet Teen Council members at STAMP events–they’re a great resource if you have any questions about the museums! You can also get to know Council members better by reading their blog posts.

The 2019-2020 Teen Council is:

STAMP Teen Council member Tamia Beverly BlairTamia Beverly-Blair,  William W. Bodine for International Affairs, Senior

My favorite arts and culture experience are the PECO Multicultural Series at Penn’s Landing that happen every year. I love going to explore different cultures, trying different foods, learning different styles and dances. I even go to my own culture’s event, it makes me feel like I have a community that accepts me when all my people come together to celebrate who we are.

My favorite part of being on the STAMP Teen Council is having my voice heard; being a part of something that can lay a foundation for so many teens after me. I enjoy being apart of the STAMP because it allows me to use art as platform for the outreach of things that matter most to me, like defeating the opioid crisis and decreasing gun violence.

Teen Council Member Samiha Hadeed-MooreSamiha Hadeed-Moore, Girard Academic Music Program, Junior

My favorite arts and culture event in Philly is probably Odunde Festival, which celebrates the African Diaspora with live performances, traditional foods, and vendors of all sorts.

Because I want to show teens that not just museums but the arts so so beautiful! I feel like school teaches us to be so square, and I want teens to know about all the great programs in Philly. Experiencing arts and culture can widen your view of the world and help YOU create!

Kayla Johnson, J. R. Masterman High School, Senior

I absolutely adore the Fabric Workshop’s events for free hands-on creation. I also enjoy Philly’s vast theater scene.

I’m a part of the STAMP teen council because I don’t think that arts and culture receive fair airtime in the lives of Philly teens. Schools seem to stop encouraging indulgence in the arts once students are of high school age and day-to-day exposure is minimal. I want to help push the message that arts and culture a.) work hand-in-hand, b.) are incredibly important in many aspects of our society, and c.) are relevant to *everyone* regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality, class, etc.

Sabirah Mahmud, Academy at Palumbo, Junior

My favorite arts and culture experience from the Greater Philadelphia area is the India Independence Festival at Penns Landing. As a South Asian, this is very important to who I am and it shows a lot about liberty and freedom after decades of European Imperialism. We bond through our hardships as the Indian Subcontinent and are able to really bond together in the culture. Additionally, I grew up going to this festival and the dances/music/cultural clothing you’re able to experience makes me really miss being in Bangladesh, where my parents are from. This festival in general just brings a part of my culture into my life here in the United States.

I am a part of STAMP because I want more teens to really appreciate the luxury of history, science, and art that we have in this country and city. At the Philadelphia Museum of Art there are so many beautiful art works that you can’t ever see anywhere else. At the Mutter, there are life specimens that in other places you would never be able to walk in, show your pass, and just see. And at many other places, the same case applies. STAMP makes these “elite” institutions accessible to the broader audience and I truly appreciate that.

Jared Williams, Julie R. Masterman, Junior

My favorite arts & culture experience is the Philadelphia Science Festival. I am part of the STAMP Teen Council because I enjoy learning how past and ancient history currently affects my life. As a STAMP teen council member I hope I can help other students like me realize that museums are a place that you can have fun.

Mohammed Hussain, Central High School, Junior

My favorite arts & culture experiences are Mid-Autumn Festival and The Night Market Festival (Both in Chinatown).

I’d like to experiment with promoting a brand and working on my skills with video editing. Lately I’ve been getting interested in business and marketing and have had nothing to get me out there and going. I feel like STAMP could get me on my feet to get something started.

Christine Lao, Philadelphia Virtual Academy, Senior

My favorite arts and culture experience in Philadelphia is currently the Fabric Workshop and Museum. I love that their agenda is always to push the bounds of the medium in order to further it.

Iiwanted to be a part of STAMP because I wanted to explore the realms of being a team player more. I think once i immediately join an initiative my reaction is to assume a leader role. STAMP allows me to be more introspective and considerate of others who are a part of the same cause striving for the better.  STAMP also gives me one on one exposure to the art institutions that are supposed to serve the community.  It allows me to have the platform to give insight on how to engage the youth audience of my city.

Hanif Sumner, Central High School, Senior

My favorite arts & culture experience is attending the Mütter museum. I am a part of the teen council to step out of my comfort zone and try something new while making new connections and spreading knowledge amongst peers.

Anacia Macon, Central High School, Junior

My favorite arts and culture experience would definitely have to be when I went to the African Festival at Penns Landing. The exposure to the different art forms created with African prints by African-Americans was truly beautiful. Art was shown through shirts, skirts, head-wraps, and so much more!

I am a part of the STAMP Teen Council so that I can spread art and humanities to the youth of Philadelphia. While I am probably one of the worst artists ever, I appreciate art immensely and I hope to make others do the same! Art comes in so many forms.

Bella Aldrete, Baldwin School, Senior

One of favorite places in Philly is the Cherry Street Pier. The space is always teeming with life and exudes such vibrancy. It’s awesome to see so many local artists working together side by side in a public space. Every time I go there something new and exciting is going on.

I am a part of the STAMP Teen Council because I wanted to help increase local teens accessibility and involvement in the arts. I think that museums are key to creating a more understanding, inclusive worldview. You can learn so much about the world by just visiting a museum. Plus it’s just pretty neat to look at some cool art!