Where the Wild Things Work

Where the Wild Things Work

A notion I believe to be true: Not all monsters do monstrous things, therefore not all teenagers are wild and I consider this my own witty disclaimer. Alright on with the blog. Most Thursday and Fridays, I’m at the Walnut Street Theatre playing business casual and mastering the art of tedious paperwork, I’m usually found exploring Philadelphia’s great
array of museums. Accompanying is a group of artistic individuals, who inspired this title. To be fair I didn’t really know what to expect of my fellow interns, but of course I was surprised and entertained nonetheless.

As artists, musicians, writers, poets, and all other forms of artistic expression our mentors found it fit to create a cohort on our age and interest. But as I walked into the Philadelphia building, I was greeted with lackluster tired faces, slouching arms, and sleepy eyes. Apparently Philadelphia’s teenagers were not morning people, but even more peculiar I already noticed how different all of my peers were. Although it may sound creepy ( oh well) analyzing them was the most fascinating part of the trip. As much as I like to use cliches, these guys didn’t remind me of the high archetypes.

There weren’t any apparent jocks, cheerleaders, or even the classic nerd, but more like a spectrum of colors.They were wild in my analysis, some students reminded me of blue, they were cool and savvy, unbothered and unapologetically confident. Others weren’t as primary, but a mixture of green; lively and kind and even a bit taciturn. And of course there were interns that emanated red: passionate, artistic and outspoken.

These guys were definitely not a rainbow but a spectrum of Philly, wildly variegated in personality and mannerisms. As the trip progressed and their colors started to shine a bit more (probably because it was no longer morning) I began to understand why we were put into this cohort of artistic individuals. Those who emulated red associated with the more simplistic interns who represented white and created a nice blend of pink. Meeting all the new interns created an opportunity to synergize and create the perfect opportunity to network with people working all over the city.

– Troi Strickland