What I've Learned about career pathways

What I’ve Learned about career pathways


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What I’ve learned about career pathways over the course of this internship is that your career doesn’t have to be cookie cutter. You don’t have to pick a major when you’re 17 years old and stick to it for the rest of your life.


Every Thursday during our internship program, we would go to a cultural site in Philadelphia and get the chance to speak to employees there. I noticed a trend in almost every single visit, that most employees never expected to be where they are today.  A common occurrence was someone who went to school for communications and ended up in museum education.


This made me realize that I can build on my skills and my career as life goes on, which made me more excited than nervous for my future.


I’ve also gotten some clarification on what I hope to do in the future through the experience I gained working in a real, professional workplace. Through theproject I completed at my worksite, the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, I realize how important it is to me that kids and teenagers in the city are within reach of all the opportunities to improve their futures, or even just quality of life, that are available.