What is Strength?

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During a recent trip to The National Museum of American Jewish History, our Bloomberg Interns explored the stories of people who relied on their own personal strengths to face choices, challenges, and opportunities on their paths to remarkable achievements.  We asked our interns to reflect on what strength means to them….


What is Strength?

I recently heard someone say

“strength is a pill you just gotta swallow everyday.”

Everyone is strong in their own way.

Having perseverance when you

thought all hope was gone.

Just getting up everyday proves

you are strong.





I’m coming out of a protective barrier,

letting myself give a hand to those in need.

I’m open to listen,

to learn new things,

to talk freely,

to smile at those that surround me.



Even if you’re ready to go home
Even if you’re halfway through the day
Even though you feel as if you can’t
I just like to say
You didn’t go home
We decided to stay you quit halfway through
but then you picked it back up
I thought you couldn’t
But somehow you did
Strength isn’t being
Able to always
Be on
Never feeling lost
Always knowing how
Strength is feeling like you can’t. wanting to quit
But pushing through and doing what you need to do
– Sana
Strength Poem
 Strength doesn’t have to do with size
 Because even the smallest people can be strong
 Strength has nothing to do with weightlifting
Because I can still carry the world on my shoulders
Strength doesn’t mean that you don’t cry
Because tears even fall from my eyes every once in a while
Strength means power and endurance. I have the power to change my future
And I am strong enough to endure the obstacles along the way.
Strength means “by any means necessary”
– Tylaya
What is Strength?
This strength of mine is what I have.
This strength I have gives me my path.
Strength can mean sooo many things.
Strength is what pushes you off your feet.
I’m sweet, happy, independent, and thoughtful.
Making people happy is what makes my heart full.
Everything I do is part of my strength.
The choices I make, the things I do, the decisions I have.
To me, strength is what keeps you moving.
Wakes you up, everyday.
Encourages you to do better, be better.
Strength is like a boost of encouragement.
Strengths, a poem
a feeling of empowerment.
a feeling to use to your advantage.
a person, a friend, a parent.
something you hold dear to you.
that uplifts you and
gives you courage/motivation.
a feeling that is positive.
a feeling that allows you to take charge.



How Do I Know If I am Strong…

You ever think about how you make it through the day

Without a word to say?

Wondering if you will be ok?

But you will.

And I know that for a fact.

Because you are strong and you’ve come a long way.


You will go very far!