Upcoming Events at the Mütter Museum

Upcoming Events at the Mütter Museum

Hey guys, it’s Tajnia again!

You all should head over to the Mütter Museum for all these upcoming events!


The Out4STEM program allows the LGBTQ+ youth of Philadelphia to be involved in STEM. It is a safe space where teens can work with mentors for career advice who work in the STEM field. Out4STEM meets every third Tuesday from 4-6 PM from ages 16-24. It is a space where you can speak about LGBTQ+ issues and much more! Out4STEM also hosts special events. Check out the events listings on MutterMuseum.org for details.

The Out4STEM Holiday Party is on Tuesday, December 20, 2016 from 10 AM-4 PM. More information on that will be on the website soon which is linked above. All LGBTQ+ youth people are welcome.

Pennsylvania Teen Health Week

Teen Health Week is a program created by the Center for Education and, Public Initiatives of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, Real Talk with Dr. Offutt, and the Pennsylvania Department of Public Health. The whole week is designed to raise and spread awareness about health and to encourage teens to take care of themselves now and in the future. Teen Health Week is from January 9-13, 2017 with a party at the Mütter Museum on Friday, January 13th.

For more information click the link above.

Tracing the Remains

Tracing the Remains is an upcoming exhibit from January 13-July 16, 2017. The exhibition is by two Philadelphia Artists; Sabrina Small and Caitlin McCormack. The exhibit is about the transformations of living bodies. For more information click the link above.

If you guys are interested in the events above, you should also add the Mütter Museum on snapchat! The username is muttermuseum.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!