The Zoos Noos!

The Zoos Noos!

Hello again, what are doing for summer break? Why not come down to the Zoo and have some fun?

To start off, why not come down to the Zoo on June 1st to support people with eating disorders by participating in the NEDA walk? You not only will be able to get outside in the beautiful weather, but you’ll also be helping to raise awareness and money for this cause. If you register now, it’ll give you more time to reach out to others and get them to join too!

There is also another walk coming up on June 7th called the Walk With Me Philadelphia walk! Just another good reason to get outside for a good cause.

And finally our big event for the summer, Rock ‘n’ Roar! From June 10th to August 19th, this event occurs every other Tuesday, featuring popular bands that will be playing at the Zoo! It’s probably the best way to get outside with your loved ones and just relax. So come on down to the Zoo this weekend and make sure to bring a smile!

READY TO VISIT the Philadelphia Zoo? Check out the Zoo profile page for the hours you can use your STAMP pass!

This post was written by DuBois Stewart, a STAMP Teen Council member. DuBois attends Science Leadership Academy.