The Penn Museum's 3rd Floor Artifact Lab + More!

The Penn Museum’s 3rd Floor Artifact Lab + More!

Hello All!!! Last week during my visit to the Penn Museum, I took an adventure up to the third floor! There I saw a room called the Artifacts Lab, where conservators and archaeologists come together to collaborate. The difference between the two is that a conservator reveals the details hidden by the dirt or damage and archaeologists provide the clues about the artifacts and how objects were originally used. Conservators also mend and preserve artifacts. When I was in the room there were tons of mummies laying around. Even mummified cats were displayed which was really cool because I didn’t even know cats were mummified!

Also on the third floor was a hall of ancient Chinese art and sculptures. The hall is absolutely beautiful and when you are inside you have to take a minute to look up at the ceiling! While walking through the hall I stumbled upon a Crystal Sphere which was located right in the center. The Crystal Sphere was from the Qing Dynasty and is said to be the second largest crystal sphere in the whole world! The sphere weighs forty-nine pounds.

As I traveled through the third floor some more, I entered a room with even more mummies. Some were a little scary to look at but I took some pictures so I hope you enjoy 🙂

Well bye bye for now!



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This post was written by Danielle Romano, a STAMP Teen Council member. Danielle attends Girard Academic Music Program.