Thanksgiving Break!

Thanksgiving Break!

What’s up, you guys?! I hope school isn’t getting you all too stressed. I know that Junior year for me is getting really frustrating and making me very stressed out. But not to worry, because I have the perfect remedy for the November blues. Next week, we’ll all have a Thanksgiving break! I’m so excited for this break because I really needed the sleep. Here are some things that are going on around the city that you can do while you’re on your break!

Eastern State Events

You guys should know by now that I have to rep my favorite prison, Eastern State, in every one of my blog posts! Here is another promo I’ll be doing for them. During this season, Eastern State is having events like Offering Second Chances. Click HERE to find out more information on upcoming events they are having!

*SIDE NOTE: How did you guys like Terror Behind the Walls? If you went, comment below and tell me your experience! Some dislikes/likes!

Ice Rink at City Hall

That is right! The ice rink at city hall is finally opened and in full session until February. It is opened 7 days a week, but there are certain times for certain days. For example, on Saturday it opens at 11 a.m. and closes at 11 p.m. Click HERE to check out some more information about the rink!

 Art Museum Events

Art Museum has an “event” called Art After 5 Tours. This is perfect for anyone who gets off work at 5 or 6 and still has a lot of energy! I know that after school I still have a lot of energy and want to get out and do something fun afterwards. This is free after admission, so come by any night to experience this tour! Click HERE to find out about more events coming up at the art museum.


Those are just some fun events coming up in Philadelphia. I know there are so many more concerts and events that will be happening around Thanksgiving break and Christmas break. I want to hear what your plans are this break! Comment below and tell me all about it. Talk to you all next blog post!