Thank You Bloomberg

Thank You Bloomberg









Being a Bloomberg Arts Intern has significantly changed my personal perspective on many careers. Before I began my internship I was thinking about becoming a lawyer.  I now have insight into so many different career opportunities, so many I do not know where to start. Should I work in an office, in a theater as an event coordinator, a graphic designer at a television studio, or even a magazine editor? Too many options to decide from.


I have created a narrow list of possible jobs that I want to pursue. Such as City of Philadelphia Special Event Coordinator, Camp Creative and Performing Arts Specialists, Senior Administrator Assistant at The University of Arts and so much more. I am still interested in law, but I can see myself using my skills in many areas.


Working at Bloomberg has been a tremendous opportunity for me this summer. Before I was offered this internship I was working at a job that I really wasn’t interested in. I now know that I enjoy working in an office. Building relationships with co-workers, being positive and social, and having genuine interactions seems to make me happier and more productive at work. That is why I believe building morale boosts everyone’s satisfaction, outlook, and feelings as an employee at our workplace.


Participating in Bloomberg’s Professional Development Workshops was an learning experience that I can apply in any setting. I have learned things  like: what to do in meetings, how to build my resume, how to network, how to dress for an interview, how to introduce myself in a way that is memorable, how to find the perfect fit for college, how to construct my admissions essay, and the list goes on. If I ever get rich I would definitely consider donating a good amount of money to Bloomberg Philanthropies to show my gratitude and to ensure that this program continues to impact as many young adults as possible.

Thank you,