Summertime Shakespeare

Summertime Shakespeare

Hi guys! Instead of PAFA- related news this month, I’ve decided to tell you about what’s going on with the Free Library this summer.

As high school students, we’ve all had or will have a run-in with the work of William Shakespeare. In 9th grade year, I read Macbeth and friends of mine have read Othello, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, etc.

The Free Library, in conjunction with several other organizations, have organized cool things with Shakespeare over the summer and into the school year. I think it’s a cool way to interact with Shakespeare’s work outside of a classroom, which, if we’re honest, can be a little boring and forced.

It’s called the Year of the Bard, and all year there are events like plays, dance workshops, matinees of movies and workshops to appreciate and honor Shakespeare’s work. Here is a calendar of upcoming events. It seems really cool and I’ll probably check out a couple of them. It’s free, so that’s always a plus. Most events are either at the Central Branch, which is located on the Parkway, a great time to use your STAMP pass at either PMA or The Barnes!  Check out my fellow Teen Council Members’ posts about what’s going on at these museums. You can use the “Use the Pass” tab to figure out how to coordinate a day on the Parkway, learning and enjoying culture.

Check out this link: and comment below things you’d like to do! We’d love to hear about it!