Spotlight on: Teen Arden!

Spotlight on: Teen Arden!

With the STAMP Pass already sweeping the city, more and more organizations are coming together to reach out to teens in the Philadelphia area. I myself, was allowed a taste of what Philly is now offering to high schoolers. Theater is possibly one of my most favorite things right now. After the amazing Philadelphia Young Playwrights took our STAMP Teen Council to see In the Heightsa little while back, it’s entirely safe to say that I’m forever hooked.

Not that long ago, I got to fulfill my theatrical addiction with my drama class on a trip to see a play at the Arden. Now I could go on and on about how completely awesome the show was (Parade, if anyone’s curious. Go see it, if you ever get the chance), or, I could tell you about the awesomeness of the Arden itself. The Arden Theater, located in the heart of Old City, is now opening its doors for high schoolers. If you crave a bigger interaction with the arts, look no further than the Arden’s own, Teen Arden.

At first, I was pretty skeptical. I thought it was the typical, “show your ID and you get five dollars off the ticket price,” type of thing. Granted, you do in fact get cheaper prices for being a Philadelphia student, however, there’s much more to the story. Actor talkbacks, workshops, even free acting classes? While the Arden isn’t officially connected with STAMP, I’m pretty sure all eleven Teen Council members will agree with me, when I say STAMP Pass holders should totally check this place out. Seriously, where else can you learn how to improve your musical theater skills, while brushing up on acting all together? How about meeting up with teens who share similar acting passions?  This place is amazing. Enough said.

Interested in joining? Click here for more about the Arden Drama School Teen Company and Teen Arden, and click here to like Teen Arden on Facebook!


This post was written by Heaven Mendez, a STAMP Teen Council member. Heaven attends Science Leadership Academy.