Sharon’s Visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Hey everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty busy! On Sunday, I participated in the Donor Dash 5K run and the 3K walk! So you can imagine how tired I was that day. But even after the run and the walk, I was still feeling a bit adventurous and wanted to go somewhere else that day. Since the Donor Dash was held in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, I decided to visit the museum.

The last time I came here was when I was in 5th grade and I’m pretty sure my views on art have changed since then. (I hope!) I’ve heard about an exhibit called Fiona Tan’s Inventory. Now, I did not have a clue as to what this was. But I did some research before coming in to see the exhibit. Before going on, I want to teach some new words to you guys. An Inventory is an installation consisting of several different projectors that visitors can see, usually films of museum collections. Have you heard the saying “Carpe Diem”? I think those two words explain Fiona’s work perfectly. The last phrase I want to teach you is “live cinema.” “Live Cinema” is the title of a series of exhibitions at PMA that present films the work of contemporary local and international artists working with film and video

The artist’s name is Fiona Tan. Fiona Tan is an artist working with photography, film and video. I was pretty stoked when I heard she was born in Indonesia, because I was born in Indonesia also! Here’s some interesting facts about Fiona. Her work is in many different museums all over the world, and the art museum is one of them! She also trained in Amsterdam. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

She filmed John Soane’s house with six different camera formats and each format was digitally transferred and projected individually as part of a six-projections installation. Now, each film she took, it has its own unique lighting and its own characteristic. I love photography and I especially love photographers who can manipulate camera lighting. This exhibit was very interesting and I couldn’t stop watching the screens. Fiona captures pieces from John Soane’s home in London and so much more. Fun fact of the day, John Soane was a neoclassical architect. His home is tiny and small, but his home is like a time capsule. Different sculptures inside his home as a Rome-esque feel to it. His goal was to probably re-make Ancient Rome inside the tiny space. So what Fiona did was she took short films of different sculptures and different parts of Soane’s home.

Before I spoil everything, I will end my blog post there. That was just a little teaser! So if you are interested in her work, make sure to stop by the art museum and use your STAMP pass! This exhibition will not be there forever! It will end May 11th. Take advantage of your pass and go there for free!

READY TO VISIT the Philadelphia Museum of Art? Check out the Philadelphia Museum of Art profile page for the hours you can use your STAMP pass!

This post was written by Sharon Shania, a STAMP Teen Council member. Sharon attends The Preperatory Charter School of Mathematics, Science, Technology & Careers.