Paul Strand

What’s up everybody?! Today I’ll be talking about a new exhibit at the Art Museum. This should excite everyone, especially photographers. It’s the Paul Strand exhibit! My friends Liz and Kim invited me to their photography class field trip to the museum. Coincidentally, I’ve been wanting to go to this exhibit for a while now but haven’t got the time to do so because of all the homework due and many tests coming up. So they invited me to the Art Museum (thanks!) and I’ve met so many friendly people. These lovely people ALL signed up for the STAMP pass and used it the first time to see the exhibit!

If you don’t know who Paul Strand is, let me give you some background information on him. Strand is an American photographer and also filmmaker who brought on the idea that photography is an art form. Back in his time, many people did not see photography as an art form. They believe it’s just the technical way of putting what you see now and duplicating that image to a paper. Many artists at this time wanted others to believe that yes this is an art form. So they did things like rub grease over their camera lens to give it a nice effect when the pictures are printed. But Strand is very different. He believes that the pictures he takes is art itself and does not need altering. When people started to realize that it is an art form, this is the time Strand began travelling all around the world taking pictures of ordinary to extraordinary things. Strand is definitely one of the top five American photographers. He is the reason why people now believe even photography is art.

Moving on to the exhibit itself! Every picture is in chronological order from his first to his last pictures taken. Pictures are about 8×10 in dimension, so it is not that big. Typically, it is small because Strand didn’t maximize his photographs. Every one of his pictures are so perfectly caught in time, such as his piece called “Truckman’s house.” He took a picture of a regular building and raising it to be an extraordinary piece. You can see the progress of disintegration perfectly.

When you go through this exhibit, keep in mind that it is not just about analyzing these things but also how Strand has the ability to capture nature at its best. I also suggest coming in to the exhibit with an audio tour. It further explains why Strand took the pictures he took and what they are, and so on. At the end of the exhibit, they also put up the cameras that Strand used. I know, WHAT?! I couldn’t believe it either! I probably looked at these old cameras for an hour or so. It amazes me how far technology has come!

Overall, I am very stoked that Strand has his own exhibit and I can’t wait until you guys visit it! I recommend photographers out there, amateurs and professionals, to learn from the best photographer.