PAFA's Peter Blume Exhibition

PAFA’s Peter Blume Exhibition

Hey guys! Hope all is well. This month’s edition is about an exhibit that opened October 24th….  Peter Blume: Nature in Metamorphosis.

Housed in the Fisher Brooks Gallery, this exhibit is comprised of sketches and oil paintings by Peter Blume, but these are not just canvases on a wall. What is interesting about this exhibit is that every piece has a story. Each canvas  is accompanied  with information about  Bloom’s inspiration, his location (he was a traveller and it really shows in his work ) and the methods he employed.  The visitor leaves the gallery with both artistic and sentimental knowledge.

Blume’s scenes are dramatic, political, and creative. He employs bold, concentrated colors, which really jump off the walls. Bloom plays with depth and there is something going on in every corner of  the paintings. One of my favorite items is “Italian Straw Hat ” and  because there is so much in to see with 159 works, I’ll definitely be visiting again.

PAFA is just a block a few steps away from the City Hall and Race-Vine subway stops. The museum closes at 5, so if you have about a half an hour after school, you can check out an exhibit.

If you decide to visit, post some comments below about something you learned.