My STAMP Story – Serene

I joined STAMP mostly because I was really fascinated by the idea of the program, knowing there were people who a cared a lot about what goes on in Philadelphia for teens really made me want to join. I thought STAMP was an opportunity to try new activities, have my ideas heard, and just learn life skills in a different environment. When I first saw the email asking teens to apply for the teen council, I thought I didn’t have a chance so I almost didn’t sign up, but I eventually did and I feel like that was sort of a step towards getting older and learning. Since I’ve joined STAMP I’ve learned to understand myself more and step out of my comfort zone, especially by visiting Museums and events on my own and not with a few friends.

My fondest memory of STAMP was going to the Brave New Voices event, it was awesome. Being there gave me a realization that all the hard work everyone puts in to make a program its best ends up with an amazing outcome. This was similar with the year 2 party, at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, everyone was celebrating the joy of having a program so wonderful, STAMP brings people together.