My First Week at the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance

My First Week at the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance

Hey guys, it’s Ashley, and this summer i’ll be interning at the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance over the course of 6 weeks. They, along with Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN/Workready) and Bloomberg Arts Internship – Philadelphia, provided me with a great opportunity to work with a pretty cool organization that deals with the arts and culture in our area. Last week I completed my first week of work and I’m excited to tell you what it was like!

Monday, July 6th, was my first day and I was a little nervous. It felt like the first day at a new school, I didn’t really know anyone and they didn’t really know me but I was eager to start the job and meet new people. After my supervisor gave me a tour of the office and the morning went on, I felt a lot more relaxed. From Monday through Wednesday I work at the office helping out with the STAMP Pass: a card that allows Philadelphia teens to visit museums and attractions around the city for free. I help manage the social media accounts and provide teens with passes that need them. Thursday and Friday were a bit different though.

Last Thursday all 25 teens that work with the Cultural Alliance/Workready took a field trip to visit a few of the museums partnered with STAMP Pass. I had visited all of these museums before with family or school but it was a lot different (and maybe even more fun) seeing them with a group of people I barely knew. The first stop was the National Constitution Center. There we explored the main exhibition hall and learned about why it’s set up the way it is and a couple of facts about our nation’s history. Next was the National Museum of American Jewish History. While we didn’t get to see as much as we’d hoped due to a power outage, we did learn some facts about how Jewish people and family helped shape the country. Then there was the African American Museum in Philadelphia where we toured several interesting exhibitions and explored life for African Americans around the time of America’s independence. Lastly, we visited the National Liberty museum we learned about everyday heroes and how we could contribute to positive change in the world. Overall, it was a pretty packed day with a lot of walking, but I had fun leaning and making new friends.

Friday the same group of us met up a Jefferson to have a Professional Development session. It was a way to us to learn more about each other while learning how to be professional in a work environment. My favorite part of the day was hearing different stories and even being able to write my own towards the end. The game we played to help us warm up to each other was pretty funny too!

I’m proud to say that I love my job. I talk about it to anyone that’s willing to listen and enjoy coming to the office, going on trips, and even Professional Development. I get to incorporate something that I’m passionate about (arts and culture) into a summer job while leaning and developing skills that will help me far beyond the end of the program and I couldn’t ask for a better way to spend my summer.

– Ashley