Mind Illuminated: Working at the Mütter Museum

Mind Illuminated: Working at the Mütter Museum

Week 6 (August 10, 2015)

This summer at the Mütter Museum I got to work on the showcase Mind Illuminated, a dazzling solo exhibition featuring the work of Philadelphia artist and neuroscientist Greg Dunn. Dunn’s paintings of neurons rendered in an Asian art style have been widely acclaimed for their fusing of art and science. I have to say, when I first started working at the Mutter Museum I had my apprehensions. I would have to look at body parts all day – at some point I was sure to get fed up, right? Wrong. This has been such an exciting learning environment, the staff are so educated (Jackie, has her PhD!) it makes me want to pursue higher education and take it more seriously.

The Mind Illuminated showcase is really cool because in addition to paintings on gold leaf and hanging scrolls, Mind Illuminated consist of microetchings of vast networks of neurons created in collaboration with Dr. Brian Edwards, an artist and applied physicist at the University of Pennsylvania.  Microetchings integrate art, optics, and engineering to give two dimensional surfaces an extra dimension of directional reflectivity, imparting unprecedented levels of clarity and expressivity to complex neural forms.

Having the opportunity to assist with a special series such as this one make it easy to have an appreciation for science and human body, so you see, looking at anatomical specimens all day really isn’t so bad.

-Kyla Feurtado