This month PAFA made the bold and unexpected decision to house the art of a contemporary artist alongside traditional paintings and sculptures of presidents, war scenes, and Roman- styled art. The curators and the artist KAWS, (who’s famous for work like the Kimpsons) were very careful and deliberate with the placing of the 76 pieces (about 20 sculptures and the rest paintings). What at first glance seems to stick out like the proverbial sore neon thumb, amongst all the historical art, is truly a clever and ingenious display. It challenges thinking and compels the viewer to see the connections between expression in two entirely different fashions and time periods.  I think half the fun is seeing these pieces interact and trying to figure out why each piece was placed where it was. I strongly suggest visiting this puzzle of an art exhibit.


It’s exciting to enter a room which seems to be untouched by KAWs’ madness and then to spot out of the corner of your eye, a vibrant splash; it makes you question, not only the connections between the semi-antique pieces and the new, but the connection between all the pieces. What can a still-life of a desk and  a man fishing possibly have in common? PAFA subtly draws up all kinds of conversations through the arrangement of their collection, and the not-so-subtle arrangements of special exhibitions, like the KAWS installment, allow you to appreciate them even more.


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This post was written by Amani Bey, a STAMP Teen Council member. Amani attends Science Leadership Academy.