Italian Market Festival Recap + Art Library and Events at The Barnes

On May 18th I went to the Italian Market Festival on 9th street. It was an amazing cultural experience and I got the treat of hearing live performances and tasting delicious Italian cuisine. Upon arrival I immediately felt immersed into a new world and the energy of everyone there was contagious. Philadelphia’s Italian Market is a place full of history and amazing food and is open 7 days a week. I highly suggest that anyone who has not been there yet at least take a trip.This market is an intrinsic part of Philadelphia’s culture, with its roots going back to the 19th century with the settling of Italian immigrants along this street. The Italian Market Festival happens annually, so make sure you get down there next year.

Did you know that the Art Library at the Barnes is free! The times it is open are:

Monday–Friday  11 am–5 pm
Saturday–Sunday, 9:30 am–5 pm

The theme for next month at the Barnes is Water Wonders and upcoming Art See Activities are:

Saturday, June 21, 11 am–1 pm
Sunday, June 22, 1–3 pm