Imagery Out of Images

Imagery Out of Images

Our writing workshop instructors had us choose photos of a major art work to study over the last 4 weeks.  We have been exploring lines, shapes, and compositions.  We are writing a reflective essay, describing what we see…interpreting meaning and ideas.  On Thursday, August 3rd, we traveled to the Philadelphia Museum of Art–and got to see our paintings in person.  Our responses ranged from “Wow…that’s bigger than I imagined,” to “so small?” to “so cool!”
We spent time with our piece, looking at the brush strokes, texture, viewing the piece from different angles.
After a poetry workshop facilitated by our mentors–who are teaching artists, we wrote poems, capturing the imagery and stories behind the art.
brittany w art
Step after step after step
he doesn’t know where he is going
step after step after step
maybe its step to hell
or maybe steps to heaven
step after step after step
he still doesn’t know where
the steps are taking him
he doesn’t want to go
back because he’s too scared
steps after step after step
these are the steps to nowhere
But the steps are speaking to
him to never look back
and to let go and live life
 the atmosphere is becoming
dark and dingy
step after step after step
the steps began to creek
step after step
spiders crawling up the wall
step after step the walls to growl
step after step
these are the steps to nowhere
– Brittany W
brittany mead art
It’s a Big Storm
 It’s as cold as the Arctic my fingers are literally about to fall off.
 I can’t believe it’s like this, today
was supposed to be special and it’s
ruined, no wedding day for me
I was going to be so beautiful!
Flowers as yellow as the sun, I wanted
it to be amazing but it’s more like
maybe we can move  everything inside?
Today I found my fathers ring and
I knew it was meant to be, today
was probably a sign I meant to be
so it’s going to happen.
we will get married and we will
be happy! Today as soon as the
rain stops! The smell of the rain
smells great but I need it to stop
– Brittany M









The End of a New Beginning

The end of an era where the clouds are dark gray and the high waves are at bay.

Not only can you smell the foul air, you can hear the wind whistling past your ear.

Animals galloping towards the boats, only to sale towards new hope.

Natures calling like your actual mother when it’s time for bed,

telling you that she’s tired and it’s time for her to rest her head.

Mother earth overslept

and woke up to a new beginning

where the grass shines new green

and the oceans are clean.

– Charles



khary pma2







The Water

Man, life can get so dark

I listen to the water talk

She said whenever life gets peaceful

then here come the waterfalls

She told me life is like her body

You be running then it stop

She told me about this little girl who got beat on by her pop

Then she got a boyfriend, but the beatings didn’t stop

Then she gave birth to a son, but he never met his pop

I saw the water getting dry, I could see it in her eyes

She told me that I was her son and that my limit was the sky

Yeah my mama loved the water

She turned to water when she died

That’s why am always near the river the water gives me peace of mind.




aminah pma

Royal Bengal tiger! 

When swim to pass across river 

Target is determined. 

Just straight forward move on 

To reach that place has set out. 

Ever if waves move little 

Back to the beginning point. 

Straight a must 

No left no right 

Upright – just. 

Royal Bengal do not know, 

jostle and joggle 

He knows- 

Hazardous jolt, 

Frightening thunderbolt! 

Eyes are radiant with glory 


Richer color for 

Amazing stripes 

Created ancient myth and folklore 

Royal Bengal tiger never saw the 

Loud-rattling  spears. 

The swish of the spear 

The swish of the spear

Was a marvelous tune in his ears. 

This was the end of the battle. 

The tigers poured by in a tide 

Over us all with their caterwaul call, 

“We are the tigers,” 

They cried 

But we laughed