Hey peoples! I hope life is treating ya good out there, especially with this wonderful and sometimes misguiding, strange, and crazy weather! It’s the end of an exhausting school year now! If anything, I bet most of you guys are like… SUPER excited about that! There are those of you seniors graduating, getting ready to embrace the new year and there are those of you moving up to take their seats.

It’s that beautiful, but nerve wrecking time of the year, having to say goodbye to some of the strange and weird friends you have and to those teachers you love. Like many have said, this is definitely one of those bitter-sweet moments everyone looks forward to coming across at some point. Well for those of you who are currently in that moment, take a deep breath and get ready to take that next leap to adulthood and turn the page to the next chapter of your lives. Have those heads screwed on tight and your minds ready to take anything that comes your way out there!While your still preparing for that, go out and spend as much super duper blooper fun time with your friends as possibly, and maybe drag some family with you guys too! This is definitely a fantastic time to make sure you create experiences that will last a lifetime with the ones you love.

There are a ton of cool events and activities that are going on in Philly, some that are even done by STAMP! I just spent some time with my friends at an event we had on Friday, June 13th at the Institute of Contemporary Art. We had a great time exploring the museum, taking part in the cool things they had to offer there during the event! Since we were introduced to Art 21 videos by our art teachers, me and my friends were excited to catch some of the episodes that were being screened there. A cool note we took from some of the employees was that the artists in the videos were actually some of the artists who had an exhibition held at ICA! It was pretty neat to learn about some of them and what they do. The two exhibitions that were still being held were the Ruffneck Constructivists exhibit and the ICA@50 exhibit, which is on the second floor. And you can never inspect the wonders of an exhibit too many times, so when I walked through the exhibitions, I still enjoyed being there for my friend’s experiencing it for the first time. I even discovered and formed new opinions about some of the art I had seen before!

Another cool thing we got to do was a pretty neat printmaking activity. It was fun being able to take any liberty we felt like taking with our creative sides and go all out. We had a great time messing around with the different designs and colors we had at our disposal. About time we left, I was pretty satisfied to have invited my friends. We realized that ICA’s location was perfect when we left to get something to eat at Abner’s Cheesesteaks on 38th and Chestnut. After our bellies were filled, we all agreed that it was a prett awesome day.

No matter where you go, what you do, or how you spend your time with those select few who are pretty special in your life, it’s all about having a great time. So next time some friends or family are free, go invite them to something and hang out! There’s always something to do in Philly, especially stopping by a museum. Any museum has the potential to offer a huge amount of fun, along with a unique learning experience as well! If you have no where in mind to visit, definitely stop by the Institute of Contemporary Art! It’s a pretty cool place to visit. Well I hope you all start squeezing out as much as you can out of this summer because it will fly by before you even notice. Good luck and have fun out there!