Holiday Attractions Around Philly and What to Expect from ICA

Holiday Attractions Around Philly and What to Expect from ICA

Hey guys! There are so many cool things that are happening that you and your friends and family can totally get in on! There are some really amazing sights and attractions that are up during the rest of the month of December and ICA is going to be having some new and must-go-see things coming in the new year of 2014!

During the month of December, Philly has been holding all types of cool holiday events, attractions, and really interesting sights to go see. There’s the Comcast Holiday Spectacular being held in the lobby of the Comcast Center in Center City (1701 John F. Kennedy Blvd) where nice holiday scenes and animations are being featured every hour from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on one of the highest-resolution LED screens in the WORLD! You have to go see that along with the electrical spectacle that is being held at Franklin Square. There are a bunch of things to do and visit to have some fun during this time of the year with some friends and family. Links with more info about a few of these attractions will be at the bottom.

Now let’s not forget about ICA! They REALLY have something in store for you guys in the beginning of 2014! After the current exhibition closes on December 29th, the museum will shut down in January in preparation of the two new major exhibitions coming up in February. One of them is the ICA@50: Pleasing Artists and Publics Since 1963 exhibition, which marks ICA’s 50th anniversary!  Within this exhibition, there will be plenty of small different exhibitions opening every two weeks  showcasing the different forms of contemporary art over the past 50 years! The other exhibition is Ruffneck Constructivists. This group exhibition will be curated by the one and only Kara Walker! If you do not know her already, you should definitely check out her work! 11 international artists are being brought together to help put together the exhibit. This exhibition is going to give you a view on what defines contemporary urban architecture and change, and also present challenging work in response to social inequities, address questions of modernism, architecture, urbanism and the resistant bodies who reshape it.

ICA will also be having a third, smaller exhibition of selected artists from their annual Open Video Call. Their work will be on view in the ICA ramp space.

Both exhibits will give you some really exciting things that you can definitely look forward to! So continue to check later posts from me to find out more about the two exhibits as it approaches opening time for them. Also, definitely check out some of the amazing and spectacular lights and other Holiday attractions while you still have the time! Bye you guys, and have a wonderful holiday!


Comcast Holiday Spectacular:

Franklin Square Electrical Spectacle:

Macy’s Christmas Light Show: