Exploring Philadelphia Culture, Discovering Ourselves

Exploring Philadelphia Culture, Discovering Ourselves

When one thinks of the National Liberty Museum, one would imagine heroes like Martin Luther King and Gandhi. Most would not imagine an exhibit filled with messages from six year olds. At the museum there’s an exhibit called the “friendship box”. Anyone is allowed to leave a message that they believe made them or someone else feel good. The amount of messages with just the word “love” or “peace” was overwhelming. Messages from France and messages from Korea all held the same meaning. They pray for peace and believe in developing friendships. The friendship box notes joined the thoughts of people while leaving positive messages for others. As I went through the thousands of messages left from people around the world, people from different backgrounds, and people who have all experienced various things, I realized that we all more connected then I thought.

Jenny Ni, Franklin Institute

The Bloomberg interns all took a trip to the Franklin Institute and we were able to experience an exhibit called the “brain”. All the tunnels connected and linked to form the nerves of the brain. While the laughter and shouts of kids surrounded me, I realized that this exhibit was a small utopia of our vast world. We need to learn to connect like this brain and laugh, play, and find our way through the tunnels. We must work together to find our own paths and a way to reach the end of the tunnel.

Jenny Ni, NLM 2

As I went through the messages I came across one that said, “There are still mysteries in life waiting to be discovered.” The note included a doddle of the Loch Ness monster. While the mysteries’ surrounding the monster is still being questioned, the exhibits at the Academy of Natural Sciences explore the wonders of life millions of years ago. As a visitor, I was able to watch rocks get chipped away to uncover a fossil. We must learn to chip away the negativity and problems in our life to uncover who we really are. We must decide for ourselves who we are. We must stop hiding behind a wall of rock because underneath we are priceless.

Every message and every exhibit I visited allowed me to discover many different connections. Everything in life is joined together by a force only we can create. One out of six weeks of this internship has officially ended. There’s five more weeks left to learn, explore, and live. ~Jenny