Experience Your Own American Revolution


This month, The Museum of the American Revolution celebrates its one year anniversary! To celebrate its first year, here are some of the reasons why you should use your STAMP app to go.

The Museum of the American Revolution tells a story from as early as the 1760’s when early stirrings of colonial unrest occurred to the opening shots of the War of Independence, the signing of the Declaration of Independence and at last to the creation of the American Republic.

This museum will not only give you the opportunity to see the history of “The Land of Opportunities” but in itself, be a land of opportunities.

This is the only museum that will give you the opportunity to experience your own American Revolution.

You can walk into an exhibit that mimics revolutionary battles and livens all of your senses through the rumbling of the floor, visual effects, sound effects and more! Or you can meet your heroes as 3-D figures, whether they be the veterans of the revolutionary war or individuals such as the Native Americans who played such a significant role during the war for independence.

Let this museum be the one that brings you beyond the battlefield and into the nitty gritty details that your textbook probably doesn’t include. Whether those be the involvement of children, or enslaved persons that participated in the revolutionary war or even whatever your imagination may dream of in terms of the Revolutionary War, you can find them here.

With free admission to the Museum of the American Revolution using the STAMP app, visit the Museum of the American Revolution and create your own American Revolution experience.