Eastern State Day!

Eastern State Day!


I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! These past few days, I’ve been busy with my summer job and soccer try outs. After coming home from a good soccer practice and resting a bit, I’m always finding excuses to go out and explore our wonderful city. But what do you do when you’re tired but do not want to stay home all day? I have a simple answer. Take advantage of your STAMP pass. That’s right! My museum, the Eastern State Penitentiary, accepts the STAMP pass every single day! Why not use that to your advantage? You can take the Phlash bus there for free and visit.

What are some things you can do right after the Eastern State visit?

Take the Phlash bus back to Center City and eat out! There’s restaurants like Chipotle, Qdoba, Hip City Veg, and Olive Garden. There’s so much more restaurants that can fulfill your cravings. Also, you can always go to Barnes and Nobles and get some coffee at the Starbucks on the 2nd floor. You can read a book there and kill some time. There are stores around Walnut and Chestnut Streets you can visit. Rittenhouse Square is great for photographers and people who just wants to chill with their friends.

What are some things you can do after?

I know you’re still looking for an adventure. After eating, take the Phlash bus once again and go to the Barnes museum or the Art Museum. Depending on the day you’re going, different museums have different hours where they accept the pass. For example, if you’re going to the Barnes museum, it only accepts the pass after 4 P.M.

There’s so much things you can do! Your choices are endless. The STAMP pass literally opens you doors of different possibilities.