Drop in at the Fleisher Art Memorial Teen Lounge

Drop in at the Fleisher Art Memorial Teen Lounge

Photo: Spring Fleisher Public Art Intervention with the Fleisher Art Memorial and Houston Center Teen Lounges. Teens worked with a teaching artist to create stencils with positive messages on them for temporary installation on the Fleisher sidewalk.

The Fleisher Art Memorial teen lounge is one of three lounges in South Philadelphia associated with the Southeast Philadelphia Collaborative (SEPC). The SEPC’s two other lounges locations are United Communities Houston Center, which is at the corner of 8th and Snyder Streets and The Caring People Alliance at 2433 S. 15th Street (which will be opening soon). The Southeast Philadelphia Collaborative is a neighborhood-based organization dedicated to providing educational, safe, fun, and social environments for youth from the ages 13–18. That’s where the SEPC teen lounges come in: The lounges are places made just for teens who want to socialize and enjoy having access to space where they can do art projects, watch movies, play board games, and more. The lounges are totally free and teens can just drop-in whenever the lounge is open. There is no need to register in advance.

Fleisher Art Memorial’s teen lounge is a place you can hang out with friends and get involved with art projects, so if you love to draw or create artwork of any sort this would be a fun place to go. Teens at this lounge get to meet professional artists all the time who show them different ways to express themselves though art and learn new skills and techniques.  They do different art projects such as Storefront Window Installation with Joe Boruchow & Yis Goodwin, where  youth came together to create a window installation in an empty South Street storefront  using art work they made with Yis and Joe. This one-time workshop used arrows as a metaphor allowing youth to express the challenges they faced in their life and goals they wanted to accomplish. Youth assembled their artwork alongside Joe’s and Yis’s work in the storefront and it became an eye-catching collaboration.

Another project was Teen Machines, an exhibit which featured work from teens at Fleisher Art Memorial and Southeast Philadelphia Collaborative. It was a temporary installation at Fleisher which gave teens the ability to express themselves and showcase their artwork.

They are always looking for new people to join in on the fun at the Fleisher teen lounge, and if you do you may have an opportunity to be a part of their next project. You don’t have to be an artist to have fun at this lounge because there are also other fun activities and if you’re not an artist maybe you could learn something about art. You  could probably find skills you didn’t know you had. Have fun with your friends at this lounge! Don’t waste your talent just sitting around after school, get involved!

The Fleisher Art Memorial teen lounge is located at 719 Catherine Street, Philadelphia, PA. The Fleisher teen lounge is open Monday-Wednesday from 4-6pm. For more information visit http://www.fleisher.org/classes/lounge.php#about. You can also check out the Fleisher Teen Lounge tumblr: http://fleisherteenlounge.tumblr.com/

This post was written by Erika Velez, Summer 2013 STAMP Program Fellow and honorary Teen Council member. Erika attends Kensington Business High School.