Don't Forget About Philly's Festivals And ICA!

Don’t Forget About Philly’s Festivals And ICA!

Hey guys, gals, dudes and dudettes! I must say that this weather has just been AWESOME lately! Even though it’s jumping all over the place, I’d rather have it go crazy while it’s warm and not freezing cold outside. AND It’s almost summer time which means no more school! I bet everyone is excited for that! So use up some of that excitement and joy and go out and join in at some of the exciting spring festivals that are going on around the city and even go see some cool art at ICA or at any of the other museums too!

So as all of you should already know, the ICA@50 exhibition is still going on! You’ll be taken back through time to get an inside look at some of the old exhibitions that ICA previously held, even when ICA was located in different areas! The showcases change periodically within the exhibition to allow the opportunity for you guys to get a sense of each exhibit that ever went on. Also check out the Ruffneck Constructivists exhibition that is still being held in ICA! Both the ICA@50 and the Ruffneck Constructivists will be ending August 17th, so definitely try to check those out before then!

Also, this Saturday and Sunday (May 17th and May 18th), ICA will be having a free tour by trained Penn Graduate student Anastasia Amrhein! Just stop by ICA between 2-5 pm to get her insight and perspective on the work that’s on view!

And you all know that spring time brings such a vibrant spirit to Philly and helps gather and unite us all into having a great time! There are a bunch of cool festivals and events that are coming up that I want to make sure you guys know are happening all this month and during the summer too. Some of you may have actually went to the Walnut Street Festival and South Street Festival the other week. I went out there and had a BLAST, and I can’t wait for the ones that are coming up!

The delicious Italian Market Festival that will be held along 9th Street between Fitzwater and Federal Streets is coming up this Saturday and Sunday, May 17-18! Along with the great sights and sounds of the market, there will be all kinds of delicious and  fresh foods being sold. So empty your stomach and come prepared to chow down with your family and friends!

Now if Rittenhouse Square wasn’t already so beautiful, image fantastic artwork surrounding it too! The  Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show will be held June 6th-8th, showcasing unique pieces of art that will be available for sale, and it’s free to attend! So definitely be ready to check that out when it comes.

Also go check out The Celebration of Black Writing, which is currently going on through this entire month from May 1-31! It’s one of the country’s oldest African American literary events hosted by the Art Sanctuary in Graduate Hospital, and many of the events are free!

Art in the Open is also going on along the Schuylkill Banks. It’s a great chance to get the family together and create some artwork. The next big event will be held from May 16-18.

So I just named a few of the upcoming events that will be held all around Philly, so definitely go to those if you’re free and look into even more of the events that I didn’t mention. There are tons of them going on and I’m sure you don’t want to miss out on any of them! Also, go check out the unique things that are also being held at ICA and all the other museums during this amazing weather! Have fun!!!


This post was written by Jordan Deal, a STAMP Teen Council member. Jordan attends the Philadelphia High School for the Creative and Performing Arts.