Danielle's Road Trip Adventure!

Danielle’s Road Trip Adventure!

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I had an amazing start to summer! For 19 days I went on a road trip across the county with my family! I traveled through 15 states and stayed overnight in 11 of them. We spent a lot of hours in the car but the outcome was definitely worth it!

One of my favorite places had to be Chicago. It’s a city like Philadelphia so I felt right at home! I had the incredible opportunity of taking a sunset cruise on Lake Michigan! The views were breath taking and the city skyline was gorgeous!

One state that surprised me was Utah. The land formations in Utah are indescribable and left my family and me speechless. It felt like I was on another planet! I stayed in Utah for two days and it was a blast! One of the days I went to Zion National Park! If you are into nature and hiking I would definitely recommend spending a few days in Zion! There are so many cool trails and tours that give you opportunities to go through the canyon!

Another one of my favorite places was San Francisco! The atmosphere was so welcoming and I felt like I could stay there forever! On top of that, the weather was AMAZING! I walked along the bay trails and got to see the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz! To end the adventure we took a trolley up the steep streets of the city!

Taking this road trip helped me open my eyes to the world and I would definitely do it again! It’s full of adventures and I recommend everyone should take one!

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