Curating new experiences

Curating new experiences

What does it means to curate…how do the things we collect and arrange affect how we experience things?  Exploring our city with the eyes of a museum curator, we ask  “Does the arrangement of an exhibit change how we interact with it?”  “Impact how we feel about the subject?”  “How we feel about ourselves?”  Here is what we discovered at The Franklin Institute and The Academy of Natural Sciences!


I Felt Like A Little Kid Again

My favorite exhibit at The Franklin Institute was The Brain.  The curator did not only include a huge brain, but bits and pieces that combine to keep the brain alive.  The curator used visual and interactive components to allow tourists to not just see but interact–hands-on.  They set up the exhibition space in a way that grabbed the attention of all ages.  As a sixteen year old who thinks she is “too old” to participate in a lot of things, I was automatically sucked into the museum!  It made me feel like a little kid again and this is coming from one who does not travel to museums on a regular basis.  Along with the smaller and bigger aspects, descriptions were added and gave more factual information. ~ Lady Eugena

Entrance View

Sports and Science Relate

My favorite exhibit at the Franklin Institute was Sports.  It was very interactive and fun to see how the different activities relayed back to science!  The activities let you be part of the exhibit.  It made me think differently about science and sports–I didn’t exactly relate sports to science before, but now I do.  The exhibit was mostly visual and used technology, and especially interactive.  Everything was accessible and understandable even though there were not descriptions on all of the pieces or activities. I think it would be fun to curate and install exhibits on Dinosaurs Unearthed and Sports too. ~ Raven

lions diarama

Animal Exhibit: Life-Sized Habitats are Great

My favorite exhibit at the Academy of Natural Sciences was the full scale lion scene.  I really liked it because they looked fierce and were grouped in a family.  The exhibit was so big–I was able to enjoy the view of the lions.  I read the bio they posted next to the exhibit and it was great.  I learned a few more facts.  I liked the Academy of Natural Sciences because they set up their exhibit space by sections of different animals–and their space was really big.  The visitors follow pathways to go through to see the exhibit.  This exhibit made me feel different just by being there because I thought it was going to be corny…but it wasn’t. ~ Julius



Franklin Institute vertical jump


My Vertical Jump

My favorite exhibit was the Sports Exhibit.  I liked the fact that they had a lot of things that interacted.  I enjoyed the space because I was able to measure my vertical jump and also having the 40 yard dash.  The curator included visuals, text, and interactive components.  They set up the exhibit space by having a 40 yard dash in the middle for people to race each other which refers to football.  They had a basketball part to measure your vertical and see how high you jump.  There was a baseball section to show you the proper way to pitch a baseball and they had a surfboard simulator.  There was also text next to cleats that were in cases to tell you what it was about.  I think it would be fun to curate an electricity exhibit, the Franklin Air Show and The Brain. ~ Brandon


I See the Brain at Work

Because of the many different activities I really liked the brain exhibit.  The curator used the space to combine different activities together.  The activities showed you how the brain affects your behavior.  The curator also used visual text on the walls and different activities that used physical technology.  I think it would be fun to curate a music exhibit.  Also, how music affects people’s emotions and actions.  The music exhibit would show how music is composed and the different components involved in making records. ~ Nakyha


heart2IMG_9018Interacting with the Exhibit and with Each Other

My favorite exhibit at The Franklin Institute was the heart.  The text about it was informal. I learned a lot by playing the games related to the heart itself and learned fun facts at the same time.  The physical space of the exhibit was also fun and I got to interact with others.  I also liked the Butterfly exhibit at the Academy of Natural Sciences.  It was cool to see and learn about them.  I walked around and saw many types of butterflies and I enjoyed that.  Each butterfly had a different description.  ~ Marie