Business Behind Beauty at the Walnut Street Theatre

Business Behind Beauty at the Walnut Street Theatre

Eager, nervous, and way too excited to start working, I stumbled down 8th and walnut.

Wandering into the city meant new experience, new networking opportunities, and overall new

friends. On my walk down to my new working place for the course of 6 weeks, I was astonished

to find so much life bustling within these old city streets, so much I had been oblivious to all my


From that moment on 7th and walnut, I knew I’d enjoy the walk to my work place.

Proclaiming to be America’s oldest theatre, as I walked in it seemed to be bursting with

new life from children to camp directors and then me the nervously excited intern wondering

where to go. Embarking upon my accidental exploration, searching through the wonderland

formally known to be Walnut street theatre, I met 10 ecstatic individuals calling themselves

campers and 3 kind camp directors, who informed me to find tallest guy, and with that my

journey continued.

Interesting enough I found the tallest man I could on center stage announcing Walnut

Street’s camper groups and teams for this summer. From his exuberance and professional stature,

I knew he was the guy I was looking for. As I sat down quietly waiting for the announcements to

end with a gradual traditional thunder clap, I thought about all the artistic and theatrical beauty

that would surround me for the next 6 weeks.

With a smile that seemed to stretch as far as center stage, Mr. Tall ( a nickname I found

Suitable) lead me past all the theatrical enjoyment into an interesting hall on the second floor,

where campers were not usually permitted. He told me Becky would be my supervisor, with that

information I was introduced to the business behind the beauty of production.

Whirlwinds of phone calls and furious pens, with dedicated professionals lined the inside of the office, I would call big business. Here I would put my skills of organization, communication and optimism to use, learning about nonprofit industries from marking to subscription, funding and production.

My first day was nothing short of invigorating, as a business bound kind of guy, I knew

there was much to learn at The Walnut Street Theatre.


Troi Strickland