Broken Bodies, Suffering Spirits at the Mütter Museum

Broken Bodies, Suffering Spirits at the Mütter Museum

Woo hoo! The Mütter Museum has a new exhibit that just came out! It’s called Broken Bodies, Suffering Spirits. Basically, this exhibit takes you back in time during the Civil War times. You’ll feel like you are really there. You’ll experience what it feels like to be in the war, to be wounded and so much more! There are many amazing things and some are very…weird? You’ll see bones recovered from amputated limbs (they’re real) and you’ll even see the machines doctors used in the Civil War. These machines are very useful and used as a healing instrument. A machine I saw was the Davis and Kidder’s machine for nervous diseases.

One thing in that exhibit that really caught my eye was located near the exhibit’s entrance. This is a little room where you go in and there will be a presentation of how it would really feel like to get shot in the arm and have your arm amputated. No, they won’t literally shoot you right there and then. It’ll be you, and only you, in that room. I don’t want to spoil everything in that exhibit so I won’t say what else you’ll see in there! You can see many interesting things in there using your STAMP pass.

Make sure to also check out the rest of the museum because the Mütter Museum contains many other eye-catching things!


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This post was written by Sharon Shania, a STAMP Teen Council member. Sharon attends The Preperatory Charter School of Mathematics, Science, Technology & Careers.