Bloomberg Interns Curating New Experiences

Bloomberg Interns Curating New Experiences

What does it mean to curate?  How do the things we collect and arrange affect how we experience things? Exploring our city with the eyes of a museum curator, we ask “Does the arrangement of an exhibit change how we interact with it? Impact how we feel about the subject? How we feel about ourselves?”  How do we interact with exhibits in museums? Here is what we discovered at The Franklin Institute and The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University!

The Brain at Work

Last Thursday, the 13th of July, we visited the Franklin Institute to gain new insights through interactive exhibits. We were granted the opportunity to learn about the importance of exercise, healthy dieting, maintaining a balanced lifestyle, increase our knowledge about how our bodies work and function, examine open heart surgery etc.  One of the many exhibits that I enjoyed visiting was the Brain Exhibit. This exhibit caught my interest exceedingly because at school I am in an AP Psychology class. Taking this course has given me the opportunity to understand the systematic and scientific study of the behavior and mental processes of human beings. In my perspective the Brain Exhibit at the Franklin Institute gives us insight on how we think, and how it all connects to real life.  -Aminah

Jenny Ni, Franklin Institute

Touring Worlds Inside Museums

My favorite exhibit at the Franklin Institute was the brain exhibit, which was probably the most expansive exhibit in the museum.  The first room housed a climbing gym that represented the process of neuron transmission in the brain.  The second room displayed various optical illusions that may trick a viewer’s brain at first glance, and the third room represented different interactives where museum goers can work their brains.  The different rooms and aspects of the whole exhibit presented a variety of learning experiences for learners using different mediums, whether hands-on, visual, or auditory.  -Karen



Franklin Institute Heart

Exploration and Discovery:  How we work.

My favorite exhibit of the day at the Franklin Institute was the Heart because we got to walk around in it ( As if we were blood ). I’ve learned more. It made me think ‘how I really don’t know anything about my heart except the fact that it is pumping blood through my body.  -Fenetta


My favorite exhibit of the day was The Heart Exhibit. I have read a poster about how smoking is killing your lungs and heart. It made me think and tell myself to never hurt my body by smoking.  – Micheal


Day At The Franklin Institute

My favorite exhibit was Newton’s Dream in Sir Isaac’s Loft at The Franklin Institute. I thought that was where most of the fun activities were. The physical space was crowded but had a nice vibe when everyone was having a competition on the “pully system”. The exhibit explored different optical illusions and weight/gravity and I thought having those interactive elements helped in the learning experience.  -Jessica


Exhibit Adventure

IMG_2925- butterflies


My favorite exhibit was the Butterfly Exhibit at The Academy of Natural Sciences. I  liked it because I wasn’t used to seeing so many butterflies in one area. I enjoyed the physical space because some of the butterflies were comfortable enough to land on my finger, and I was comfortable enough to catch it . It made an impact in my learning experience about the displayed topic to me because I never received the opportunity to experience how harmless and free these insects are. Overall, the Butterfly Exhibit was an amusing experience.

– Nasir



My favorite exhibit of the day was the butterfly exhibit because they are such pure insects.  I really enjoyed the fact that they weren’t in a closed off space, you were able to look at them in a room catered to their natural environment.  -Taijay

Scientific Tours…

academy moose

My favorite exhibit of the day was the stories of The Diorama at The Academy of Natural Sciences. I liked it because it was my first time seeing an exhibit like that, the stories behind each one was interesting & it reminded me of  my favorite movie Night at the Museum. The moose made me enjoy the physical aspect of the exhibit because the body was from a different moose than the head. After viewing the exhibit I was kind of sad knowing the animals were slaughtered.  – Anaiah


Awesome Day!

Academy NS amanie and jeralane


My favorite exhibit of the day was at the Academy of Natural Sciences–definitely the butterfly exhibit because I got some extraordinary photos.  The exhibit made me feel differently about the different climates in the world.  Sometimes people are so closed minded about what goes on and what things feel like in different parts of the world besides the United States.  -Amanie


Journey Into Science

I actually had more than one favorite exhibit at the museums.  I loved the dinosaur fossils and the butterfly exhibits.  I enjoyed the fossils because they are very detailed and it makes me think about how there was life on earth before humans.  It’s amazing to believe that those types of large life forms roamed the earth.  It makes me curious about that time period.  The butterfly exhibit showed me the beauty in nature.  -Aaliyah B.




Explore Your Brain and Follow Your Heart!

My favorite exhibit was the brain exhibit.  I liked how interesting and visually pleasing it was.  The physical space was really enjoyable because it had a lot of set ups that mimicked something in everyday life (like a subway train where you can barely understand people and a little trick with illusions.)  I was able to learn without even trying.  At first, you consume yourself in the art or activity in front of you, then, you find out afterwards what the reasoning behind the activity was.  It was fun and great! -Rashonda


no texting

“Multi-tasking is a myth!”

My favorite exhibit of the day was the driving simulator at the Franklin Institute. I liked it because there was a quote next to the simulator that said, “Multi-tasking is a myth.”  I initially thought that it was just there as a joke.  It took both being a driver and a passenger in the simulator to finally realize that the quote is the absolute truth.  Even if the game didn’t throw you off, your surroundings can be just as distracting and annoying.  The commentaries from others watching made it even more fun–especially because everyone still failed! -Tayell


reaching 9.5 feet! Franklin institute


Reaching higher!

My favorite exhibit was the sports room at the Franklin Institute.  There I threw a baseball and saw how high I could jump in basketball.  I reached 9 and a half feet when dunking the basketball! The exhibit made me feel excited that I am improving my reach! -Jasamuel