Ashley's Last Full Week!

Ashley’s Last Full Week!

Hey guys, it’s Ashley, and last week was my last full week with my internship. This week I’ll be at the office Monday-Wednesday but unfortunately not this Thursday and Friday. It was hard knowing that last week would be my last time seeing the other interns (at least most of them for a while) because of how close we’ve become over the past few weeks. Last Thursday we visited the Arden Theater and Philadelphia Young Playwrights. At Arden, we took a tour of their buildings, sat in on some of the smaller kid’s play rehearsal, and even played a game called “Monster” in which we had to imitate whatever crazy creature another intern came up with. Next was Philadelphia Young Playwrights (PYP), where we talked to some of the staff and then engaged in fun activities like building a chair out of newspaper and finishing pre-written sentences (My team won, of course). After that the day was done and I had to prepare for my presentation the following day.

Friday morning I was really nervous because I knew I had to present my project. I was proud of the work I did but wasn’t sure if my verbal presentation would accurately represent that because I don’t necessarily enjoy presenting in front of large crowds. But, thankfully, my presentation went over well and I was happy with the information I gave on my organization and the industry as well as my experiences with my internship. That afternoon we wrote our own stories and poems and listened to professional poets and speakers read us their stories and practiced public speaking to help the other guys get ready for their presentations. All in all it was a good week and I got a lot accomplished. I’m bummed this is my last week at the Alliance but I’m glad I’ll continue to work with them on the STAMP Teen Council.