Welcome to STAMP (Students at Museums in Philly)!


Allow us to introduce ourselves:  STAMP is a program of the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, in partnership with 19 museums and attractions and a group of generous sponsors and community organizations.


We want to increase teens’ access to all of the incredible arts and culture Philadelphia has to offer, as a means to discovering their own identities and including culture in their menu of leisure-time options (as we like to say: “a movie, a mall, a museum!”). We want to change teens’ perception of museums as places they’re not welcome, or somewhere you only go if you’re told you have to, like on a field trip.

How does that work? Well, there are three main elements of STAMP…

The STAMP Pass

The STAMP pass is open to any Philadelphia high school student, and is valid for one year of FREE admission to a selection of the city’s top museums and attractions. Pass holders also get access to special events throughout the year. Find out more about the museums on the pass in the Use the Pass section, then click Get the Pass to get your STAMP pass today!

The STAMP Teen Council

Every step of the way with STAMP, we have our Teen Council to guide us.  Members keep up with the latest news at STAMP museums on our website, TwitterInstagram, and YouTube pages, and also regularly give us their input on how to make arts and culture more appealing to teens, spreading the word about STAMP, and more. Learn more about our Teen Council here.

The STAMP Website

It’s this! The very website you’re on RIGHT NOW! In addition to all the info you need on getting a STAMP pass and visiting STAMP museums, we regularly post updates on special events, classes and programs for teens, work, volunteer and internship opportunities, teen lounges and other safe spaces for teens to hang out, blog posts from our Teen Council and more!