2017 Bloomberg Arts Internship Philadelphia Kicks Off!

2017 Bloomberg Arts Internship Philadelphia Kicks Off!

orientation photo arden

Welcome 2017 Bloomberg Arts & Culture Interns!

Our 3rd annual Bloomberg Arts Internship summer program has kicked off in Philadelphia and we are pleased to welcome our incoming interns!

Fifty rising Philadelphia high school seniors selected to participate in the Bloomberg Internship program this summer gathered for a weeklong orientation where they met with their mentors and fellow interns and prepped for their upcoming internship experience.

Through visits to museums and cultural institutions, professional development training sessions, writing workshops, and real workplace experiences at their 26 cultural work sites across Philadelphia, the Bloomberg Arts & Culture Internship is designed to help students strengthen their professional skills, encourage exposure to the art and cultural institutions around the city, and aid in personal growth, ultimately better preparing them for the intense college application process just around the corner!

This blog is meant to give the interns a different writing platform, where they can document their experiences and share their reflections. We’ll be featuring digital media, creative writing, and a whole lot of personal voice. We will share student posts weekly~so check in often and join our interns in their journey of exploration and discovery!