What's up Bloomberg Interns?

What’s up Bloomberg Interns?


Catch up with our 2016 Bloomberg Arts Interns and their mentors here!

At the Arden Theater, we learned what a “fourth wall” was. We learned that once you break down that wall, you are able to communicate with the audience. These past few days, I have broken down my own walls and learned to explore not only the outside world, but my own world. Through the Mutter Museum, I experienced the wonders of history and through the Philadelphia Theater Company, I have realized I need to ascertain my own abilities before I can fully contribute to society. Throughout the next couple of weeks, I wish to venture deeper in the world of art, history, and self-exploration.




During orientation week I got a snippet of an idea as to what this internship would be like. I was fortunate enough to travel to different cultural art sites with many kids my age, and I was granted with the chance to converse with them and get a feel for what I was in for and how my potential co-workers would be like.

I enjoyed visiting the various theaters and museums. That stuck out the most to me because I came into the internship expecting us to be in classrooms set up like meetings, although I know this internship specifies in the arts department and being in touch with different arts programs that are available.

I’m excited to see how being at work will turn out, because I will be stationed at a theater! My favorite thing that I got to do during this orientation week was visit the Suzanne Roberts Theater and play a bunch of theater games to loosen up and get to know everyone from this program. It helped with stepping out of my comfort zone and showing people a piece of my personality.



I’m ready to see more!

At the beginning of this week I expected the Bloomberg Internship Orientation Week to be the usual dull and painstaking lectures, handbooks and endless packets with people I wouldn’t care much for. Except, my first day and the days following were anything but that. From the fun learning experience I had at the Mutter Museum, Philadelphia Theatre Company and the Arden Theatre with my mentors and other interns, I was grateful and happy that I attended.  I learned the basics from having firm handshakes, time management writing emails to our supervisors, and office etiquette. I’m excited for what I learn next at more trips and professional development!








Catch up with our 2016 Bloomberg Arts Interns and their mentors here!