Week 3 of Field Trips: Marketing and Communications

Last week was the midway point of the internship and it’s definitely a weird feeling. I remember the day I had my interview like it was yesterday and not long after that my first day coming to the office. Now I’m halfway there, and it’s a sad feeling knowing that three weeks from now I won’t be here Monday though Wednesday’s writing blogs and helping manage social media or going on trips each Thursday and having Professional Development on Friday. But, for now I’m still here, and here’s what the halfway point’s day of trips looked like.

The focus on last Thursday was learning the importance of marketing and communications and how essential it is to any organization. This was definitely seen in the attractions we visited. The Academy of Natural Sciences was our first stop and it was probably had the most intriguing yet gross exhibits I’ve seen so far. Two women told us about how they manage communications and market in such a large museum. We then took a tour of the museum and had the opportunity to check out prehistoric fossils, walk like a dinosaur, and even touch dinosaur poop (which I didn’t do because the thought of doing that seemed way more “ew” than “cool”). We when went to the second floor we stepped inside an extremely humid butterfly sanctuary with the biggest and pettiest butterflies I’ve ever seen. After that (the gross part) we visited an exhibit called Grossology: an exhibit about animals and all things gross. There you could smell feces, match the (fake) dung to its animal, check out bloodsuckers, and see how tapeworms work. Finally, we got to see a live show with a reptile and possum then went off to our second stop.

Next was the Franklin Institute, one of my favorite museums. We took a tour of the museum and checked out their new exhibit on the brain and how it works. It’s the largest exhibit in the country specifically dedicated to the brain and how it works and it was one of the coolest things to see. Everything is pretty much hands on and my favorite part was probably the climbing structure (I thought I was going to get stuck because of how tiny it felt but I got through and felt really happy). The marketing manager and someone from communications then talked to us about how to market effectively and job opportunities for us at the Franklin.

After that we hit up the Philadelphia Museum of Art which I would love to go back to once they unveil their new Asian Arts exhibit next fall. We created teams and ha a scavenger hunt in the museum which was a lot of fun. M team didn’t win, but it was nice to see different parts of the museum I had never seen before and even some things I would love to go back and revisit when there’s more time with my STAMP pass. Lastly was the Philadelphia Zoo, another one of my favorite attractions. We didn’t have too much time there, but we got to see some reptiles and the big cats to finish out our day.

All in all it was another good day of rips and I’m looking forward to round four this week.