Jordan's Visit to PAFA - Beyond The Paint: Philadelphia's Mural Arts

Jordan’s Visit to PAFA – Beyond The Paint: Philadelphia’s Mural Arts

Hey guys! I hope everyone’s enjoying the brand new year so far! It’s been a pretty crazy start for me, hopefully it will stay pretty nice! I’m having a weird feeling that this year is going to be an awesome year to really dive into Philly’s art and culture and really become immersed in it. My visit to one of PAFA’s current exhibits, Beyond The Paint: Philadelphia’s Mural Arts was a really great way to starting jumping into Philly’s art and culture! The exhibit really gives you a nice look into how art started to really immerse itself into Philly with murals and how it plays an effect on a community’s growth.

The space was extremely entertaining and very engaging! You already feel as though you’re being taken onto a crazy journey with a large mural that embraces you as you enter. The journey starts off giving you a view on a timeline of when the Mural Arts Program started, significant world events occurring at the same time, and different times when art really affected Philly. As you continue into the larger space, you’re surrounded by so many different images of murals that have been done within Philly over the years. It feels like there’s just an endless amount of them! You guys should definitely try to spot some murals that you may have seen around Philly yourself, or maybe even test a friend on them!

One of the really inspiring aspects of this exhibit was being able to find out  how some of these murals that you see everyday really brought communities together and tried to uplift those who surround them every day. Underneath some of the murals was a description or an explanation of what was happening around the time it was made and how it played a role in the community around it! I really enjoyed reading about some of the ways Mural Arts tried to repaint neighborhoods whose image displayed much struggle and how it helped unite people within those areas. As I go to and from school, I get to see some of these powerful, motivating murals that contain unique messages and phrases that strike a smile on my face and give me a nice nudge when I may need it. So I really enjoyed learning about the meaning behind some of those murals.

The exhibit really helped motivate me to really try and engage within my community to try to make it a better place. The coolest part is that Mural Arts did this through art! They slapped a nice colorful touch to areas that could probably use a more uplifting mood. This shows you that there’s no limit or boundary when it comes to finding a way you can play a part in making the world a better place to live in!

I really super duper hope you guys head down to PAFA to check out the exhibit! Don’t be surprised if you get a sudden urge to go home and jump into your superhero outfit and cloak to go out and see what you could do to make neighborhoods you know better! See you guys next time!

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This post was written by Jordan Deal, a STAMP Teen Council member. Jordan attends the Philadelphia High School for the Creative and Performing Arts.