Update on Teen Ambassadors at Philadelphia Museum of Art!

Update on Teen Ambassadors at Philadelphia Museum of Art!

Hey guys! This week has been exceptionally crazy, what with all the snow. Anyone else pretty much done with the entire season of winter? Well, before this becomes all about the weather, this week has been pretty eventful, too.

My main order of business: spending Wednesday at the Philadelphia Museum of Art! Remember last post when I talked about the whole internship thing? You can kind of say it started a few days ago. Anyway, it started out pretty uneasy. After freezing outside for twenty minutes or so, without realizing I was at the wrong entrance, I headed inside, to then fall down a few steps because taking my glasses off sounded like a genius idea. Maybe it’s not the smartest idea to bring me along, anywhere… Once I’d managed to straighten it out (read, was found by one of the coordinators), everything started going awesome.

It’s a group of twelve other high schoolers across the city, almost like our STAMP Teen Council. We went over the basics of the group, and how it’s going to run, however, there had to be two highlights of the night. We had a little insight on the Teen Night PMA is hosting for STAMP. We even got to check out the spot everything was going down at. Even for someone who’s a bit of a wallflower, this literally sounds like one of the best nights so far. Huge dance floor, going all out in the main hall, seriously guys, this is going to be sweet.

The next part had to be when we had a little tour of the “Pay what you wish” night that was going on while we were in our meeting. Now, I’d already been to one back in July, and from the post I did about the visit, I was already really excited to be working with the museum, and really pumped to go back. However, when you get a bunch of other teens together, who’ve literally never been to PMA since they were young, and have them share the same excitement and interest as I did when I first went, it seriously made me smile. While I’m not in charge of what goes on, I did have quite a bit of say on the perspective of a teenager. Which now confirms my point that the Philadelphia Museum of Art is both as awesome as it is magical, and possibly one of the best photo ops in the entire city.

Now, this is where you, the readers, the STAMP Pass users, and even the Teen Council themselves come in. We need suggestions! What do you want to see from STAMP? What about PMA? What’s going well, and what needs some change? Feel free to speak your mind to any STAMP member, during an event, or leave us a comment on one of our blog posts. We love hearing from you!

Until next time guys! Follow our adventures here on the blog, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! Thanks for reading! 🙂