Upcoming Events at the National Constitution Center

Upcoming Events at the National Constitution Center

Looking for something fun to do as the year winds down? Check out these great events happening at the National Constitution Center!

Thanksgiving Weekend

November 25 9:30-6pm, 26 & 27 9:30-5pm

When asked about the history of the Thanksgiving holiday, most Americans will tell you the story of the 1621 feast in Plymouth, Massachusetts. But there is another side to the story, one that is closely connected to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

On the same day that the United States Congress passed the Bill of Rights, it also approved a resolution requesting that President George Washington proclaim a national day of thanksgiving. It was not a coincidence—Congress specifically wanted Americans to spend the day giving thanks for our Constitution and the revolutionary form of government it created. A few days later President Washington declared the first national day of thanksgiving.

In the spirt of that 1789 resolution, the National Constitution Center will spend this Thanksgiving Weekend celebrating the same things those early Americans celebrated—the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Winter Break

12/24 9:30-3pm, 12/26,27,28,29,30 9:30-5pm, 12/31 9:30-3pm

‘Tis the season to visit the Center: all week long you can step back in time and explore fun holiday traditions and historic moments from American history. Learn about the December 1776 turning point of the American Revolution and what life was like for a typical infantryman in the American Continental Army. Additional activities include colonial dress-up and photo opportunities, 18th century games, and the Growing up, American Style interactive program.

PLUS:  It’s your last chance to see our Headed to the White House exhibit before it closes on New Year’s Eve.

Bill of Rights Day

12/15 9:30-5pm

Enjoy $5 all-access admission, courtesy of Macy’s, as we celebrate the 225th anniversary of the Bill of Rights. Featured programs include a public reading of the Constitution’s first ten amendments, a Bill of Rights Birthday cake, appearances by “James Madison,” and more.  View a rare, original copy of the historic Bill of Rights and learn more about this founding document through interactive games and workshops.  Plus, experience a special tour of Signers’ Hall to learn about the history of the Bill of Rights and why it was left out of the original U.S. Constitution.