The Reestablishment of the Zoo News!

The Reestablishment of the Zoo News!

As some may have noticed STAMP has been short on post about the Zoo, and for a lack of better words this has been caused by the crappy weather Philadelphia had in prior months. Now that it’s warm out I’ve been able to head out to the zoo and really enjoy myself, and because of the wonderful experience I  had I get to write a post about it!

Last Sunday I visited the zoo with my best friend, and because it’s so easy to get lost in the zoo…we got lost. And it was super exciting! The zoo is the best place to get lost in because it’s safe and everywhere you end up has a surprising adventure you can embark on. In fact, I actually think there’s no way to really get lost in the zoo as long as you’re having fun. (And don’t end up in the frog parking lot.)

While visiting the zoo my friend and I saw so many adorable animals. I love animals so seeing them all in one day made me explode from all the adorableness. I love using my STAMP pass at the zoo because in comparison to a school field trip you can stay in one place for as long as you want without having to worry about where your group is. My best friend and I spent A LOT of time in the small mammals house because there were meerkats and I love meerkats. We also fell in love with the petting zoo.

One of the best parts of checking out the zoos different exhibits is seeing how the animals interact. With the meerkats there was a point where one was clawing and destroying a box that the others were in. It was kind of funny because the look on the meerkats face inside the box was like it was just an average occurrence. In the otter exhibit the otters loved the attention and played around. And in the Armadillos habitat they were all just sleeping.  The way the animals interact shows just how different they are even though their all in a close capacity. It’s really fascinating.

And of course while I was at the zoo I saw the GIANT pink bunny rabbits and the life size alligator in the birds exhibit that was made of bubble gum.(Some of it was even chewed!) The cool ‘second nature’ artwork that’s scattered around is an awesome must see.

Plastic Bunnies