Teyin’s First Visit to the Fabric Workshop & Museum

Located at 1214 Arch Street, The Fabric Workshop and Museum provides people of all ages opportunities that are not offered anywhere else. Serving as a studio and a gallery, The Fabric Workshop and Museum creates works in new materials and media, in collaborations with artists. Before exhibiting, artists-in-residence and the FWM spend months researching and developing different iterations of concepts, prototypes, and materials. Despite the name, visitors should not only expect fabrics and clothing from the FWM, but also sculptures, installations, videos, paintings and ceramics. With an appointment visitors can get a tour of studios where artists-in-residence are working. The FWM also offers paid apprenticeship program for high school and college students. The Fabric Workshop and Museum is an exciting, unique, and vibrant place, with exhibitions that are unusual and thought-provoking. And now with the Philly STAMP pass this can be all for free!!

READY TO VISIT the Fabric Workshop & Museum? Check out the FWM profile page for the hours you can use your STAMP pass!

This post was written by Teyin Tsing, a STAMP Teen Council member. Teyin attends CAPA.