Terror Behind the Walls

Terror Behind the Walls

When you hear the word Autumn, what words do you think of? For me, the words Halloween and sweater weather come to my mind. I hope everyone is enjoying the great Autumn weather because I surely am. A few weeks ago, my friends and I went to Eastern State Penitentiary to do the Terror Behind the Walls haunted house attraction. And let me tell you, they were not playing around this year.

Terror Behind the Walls is probably the best haunted house I’ve ever been to. I am a person who loves watching horror movies and haunted houses. I expected this haunted house to be like every other one I’ve been to. Boring. But I was very wrong. There are six attractions you will go through. And before you even go in, the staff of Eastern State ask if you want to be a part of the interactive haunted house or not. In other words, you choose whether or not you want to be touched. My friends and I bravely chose the interactive version. That means we get a pink necklace that will tell the “criminals” inside the attractions that they are allowed to drag us from our group and get us lost. That also means they can touch your hair, arms, and grab you unexpectedly.

At one of the attractions, I was forced by a “dentist” to follow him into a dark room and let me tell you, I was completely and utterly horrified! After keeping me in that dark room for a few minutes, they finally let me go and I walked through a narrow hallway that led me outside. There, I saw my friends and we’ve reunited. There are parts of the attractions where I was so terrified I ran through some of the attractions.

After the haunted house attraction is over, there are booths opened where you can buy snacks and drinks after being scared for a good 30 minutes.

Because it is such an amazing haunted house, I want you guys to experience it as well. So I won’t spill anymore details and ruin the surprises in store for you. Sadly, STAMP members can’t get any discounts. But I will share a secret with you. Well, it’s not a secret but more like a tip. If you buy the tickets online, it is so much cheaper than it is at the place. Here is the link for ticket sales and dates they are open. Bring your friends and family! It’s a great way to spend Halloween this year.