Teen Artist Delia Ascher Discovered Herself at Moore College of Art & Design

Teen Artist Delia Ascher Discovered Herself at Moore College of Art & Design

Photo of Delia Ascher by Karl Seifert

She has taken many classes at Moore, knows the faculty by name, and navigates herself around the building with ease.

Next fall, she’ll be a first-year student in Fashion Design at the College.

Over the past two years as a student in the Young Artists Workshop (YAW) program, Ascher has immersed herself in the college experience. Now a high school senior, she also attended Moore’s Summer Art & Design Institute (SADI), a four-week pre-college residential program for women, before applying to the BFA program in Fashion Design.

“I’ve grown up with Moore and I want Moore to be part of my future,” Ascher said. “This is where I discovered myself as an artist. I’ve pretty much done all the classes they offer for fashion and fine arts at this point. I’m really excited to finally be a college student!”

More than 1,000 students participate in Moore’s youth art programs each year, with boys and girls in grades 1 – 12 attending Saturday classes in the fall and spring and weekdays during the summer.  In many cases, the program acts as a feeder for the BFA program.

The College’s small size and personalized attention from faculty contribute to the popularity of the youth programs. Parents are also preparing their children earlier for the college admissions process, as higher education becomes more competitive, said Natalie Payne, co-director of Continuing Education at Moore.

“Students are trying to pack their resumes earlier,” Payne said. “They’re more attracted to an intensive experience that’s like college for them. Parents want specific feedback on their portfolio and whether their child has talent. The students here get very specific individual feedback.”

Ascher is excited to major in Fashion Design and minor in Fine Arts. She feels that spending so much time at Moore gave her an edge in the admissions process. “The faculty know me well at this point, plus they’ve seen my work from the classes,” she said. “It certainly helps them get to know you more as a student.”

Ascher has been involved in fashion design since the sixth grade when she took a sewing class in middle school. She ended up winning a school district award for fashion and sewing. Her interest grew from there.

“I know there will be lots of job opportunities in fashion and it’s a competitive career, which always keeps me interested,” she said. “It allows you to go in all sorts of different directions. Plus, it has fine arts in it and everything else I’ve done for a long time now.”

For more information on Moore’s Youth Art Programs,  visit www.moore.edu, or contact Natalie Payne at 215.965.4039 or npayne@moore.edu.

This post was written by Michele Cohen, Assistant Director of Communications at Moore College of Art & Design.