Taking Initiative

Taking Initiative

Over the summer one of my favorite things to do was visit the Constitution Center and eat lunch on their balcony, in doing this I continuously had chances to check out the Monticello exhibit that they have there. The exhibit talks about slavery at Monticello specifically the generations of slaves who lived and labored there. The exhibit talks about the Heming’s a more well known family, as well as the Gillette, Hern, Fosset, Granger, and Hubbard families and their generations of children.The exhibit goes on to talk about the importance of each family and how they affected Jefferson and history.

All this being said, the exhibit brings many questions up in my head. One that I continuously battle with all the time  is, the opportunity to make a difference. How could  Jefferson make more of a difference in abolishing slavery? Or maybe even stopping slavery at Monticello? He had many ideas that he thought would contribute to the end of slavery, but he never had a straightforward path. This thinking led to me to write the poem below which is bringing up the topic of change, how can people make a difference when it’s so hard to make the first step?

And I am lost in the clouds again

Spiraling up and down

Stuck between making a difference and just floating 

I want to be beautiful

I have seen beautiful people,

Who fought to save souls,

Who fought to make peace,

Break the tidal waves

But how can you create change if gravity fails to keep you standing upright

How can you make change when you don’t even know if you’re right

Fight a war in the name of peace and come out more evil then you entered

But to live a life without fighting for what you believe in

Is like succumbing to that evil

Without even a battle.

And that  is the 2nd poem for me. Let me take you on a journey series.