STAMP Launch Party Replay!

STAMP Launch Party Replay!

Hey Guys! The past few weeks have been pretty chaotic at STAMP headquarters. We’re up to over 3,000 STAMP members now. Seriously, you guys are absolutely awesome. Honestly, we’d like to thank each and every one of you for contributing to the madness. But hey, how sweet was our kick off? Amazingly amazing. Completely epic. Here’s a little behind the scenes, and what you might have missed at the October 4th STAMP event!

Let’s start off with the basics. First off, the level of attendance was probably through the roof. I was a bit skeptical about having all you guys show your support, but then again, you should always expect the unexpected from anyone, am I right?  I mean, you had kids from public schools, kids from charter schools, and I’m pretty sure a few others made their way into the party that night. When I say we had people of all ages, I mean it, I literally remember seeing kids as young as toddlers checking out the museum tables. Seriously, that’s pretty sweet.

The speakers we had to kick off the event, were, needless to say, inspirational. It takes a lot to stand up in front of a group of people, but to stand up in front of a group of about 200 teens in front of a full table of food and manage to keep their attention to hear every word that was spoken? Props to everyone who spoke. I honestly think they deserve a hug. And their own STAMP T-shirts. I had the liberty of introducing the extremely awesome Kimmel family up on stage, and again, complete props for both making this happen, and spending a Friday night talking to a group of complete strangers. You guys rock.

The night kicked off with this city’s own Girl’s Rock Philly, starting the party with an array of original music. I’ll be completely honest with you, never in my life did I ever feel like I was meeting someone famous, until I saw some of the girls setting up onstage. Trust me, there’s no such thing as an awkward moment, until you’ve done some of the weird, random things I do when I find people to be awesome. There’s way too many of you for me to write huge fan-girl letters, thanking you for all the cool things you’ll be helping STAMP with, but I did show my love for them, even if I looked like a complete idiot. Needless to say, well done, ladies!

The galleries throughout the museum held all the action. I decided to take a look around. While I didn’t get to see everything, I will give you a run down of a few of the museum tables I did get to see:

Barnes Foundation:

Bag decorating, which was possibly the biggest lifesaver of the night, especially if you’re that one kid who decided on bringing a seven-inch tablet and taking one picture on it. Tons of helpful information, and freebies, which are always cool. And rubber bracelets. Gotta love those.

Mütter Museum:

Games! Totally fun and pretty educational skeletal system naming game. Best part? Prizes to those who won. Myrna and I gave it a shot, which ended up engaging about half the gallery around us. We totally could’ve won something, if everyone answered one question each…

Eastern State Penitentiary:

A brief history of the prison, and tons of freebies, from what I heard. Coupons for the ever popular Terror Behind the Walls (which this blogger has every intention of reviewing, mind you), and even prizes for trivia questions. Probably one of the most people-pleaser tables at the entire event.

Fabric Workshop:

Tons of shirt giveaways, freebies, and a bit of what goes on at the museum, and I must say, this place is probably one of the best of any for STAMP teens who are aspiring fabric/fashion artists.

Philadelphia Museum of Art:

After wandering around mindlessly, checking out some of the tables, and talking to a few STAMP members, I finally headed up a few galleries to my own museum. Not sure if it’s just myself being completely biased, or if I’m speaking for everyone here, when I say that I had a ton of fun working at the table. Not only did I help out with the passing of information, but I did get some more details about this month’s STAMP-based teen program. Get ready for this one, guys. Walking Dead themed arts and crafts. Seriously, how can you get any more Halloween than that? Be sure to be on the look out for that. And check out these and our other fabulously amazing museums as well!

That’s all for right now. Sign up for the STAMP pass, and join in on the fun!
This post was written by Heaven Mendez, a STAMP Teen Council member. Heaven attends Science Leadership Academy.