Sketches from The Mutter Museum: a look at two specimens

Sketches from The Mutter Museum: a look at two specimens

Recently the Bloomberg Interns toured the fascinating Mutter Museum, which houses a collection of over 20,000 unusual, unique anatomical specimens in a museum of medical history. The interns were asked to view the museum through two lenses:  first as visitors to the museum, and secondly as potential employees.  They were given a wonderful tour and discussion of both the specimens as well as a “behind the scenes” look at careers in this cultural and scientific institution.

During reflection the interns were asked to sketch something they personally responded to….makes me want to go back for a second look!


Ayman cropped blog photo


“The painting caught my eye because it was oil on a gold leaf.  It’s very intriguing to get an inside look at the anatomy and muscles of the neck and throat because it’s not an organ we often think is muscular but considering how much talking we do every day it has to work really hard.  It requires a lot of energy to function whenever we want. ~Ayman


Connie cropped image for blog

“two head, dos heads, dos brains, separated and turned away. showing the muscle and the skulls, nerves exposed. But aren’t we all.  what do you interpret this picture as?” ~Connie