I didn’t know what to expect when I got hired at the Arden. Interns don’t really have specific job descriptions. I assumed they ran errands and did the work that no one else wanted to do. Unlike the movies, I didn’t get asked to go on a coffee run or pick up someone’s lunch or dry cleaning. My job consisted of lots of organizing and reorganizing. There was a lot of moving boxes from the basement of one building, to the basement of another. I was able to sit in on an audition which was really interesting. It’s something only the people auditioning or hiring  get to experience. The office was full of people but not the kind of people I expected. Everyone was very nice and laid back but they were serious about their work and got stuff done. There were even dogs walking around. The Arden has a professionally relaxed working environment, that isn’t overly intimidating or stressful. I learned what’s it’s like to work in an office and learn about all the different departments and how they contribute to the big picture. ~ Isabella 

My first week at my internship could not have gone any better. The mentors and Michelle kept us informed on our job locations and what to expect, and I think that’s what made the first day of the job successful. In addition, thanks to them, I was not nervous at all. Upon arriving, the supervisor met us at the lobby, showed us the room where we’ll be working, and then gave us a whole building tour. I especially liked the whole building tour because it familiarized us with our surroundings and the other programs, such as Asian Americans United, in the school building. I came to like my job and the site more than I expected. The friendliness of the people in the building made it all bearable. Even more, my coworkers and my supervisor are all great people that I love working with. After two weeks working at FACTS, I’m more confident and feel very comfortable, almost like I’ve been working there far more than two weeks. I love speaking with my supervisor about the research that she is doing, the work that I’m helping her with. It helps a lot to talk to her too because research is something I would like to do in the future. Overall, my experience so far at FACTS has been a great one. I came to enjoy everything about my job. Even more, I feel like my job is teaching me life skills essential for future jobs. ~ Amna

Throughout the past two week, I’ve been interning at the Arden. I’ve been assisting at the Arden summer camp for the first week and doing administrative work during my second week. Let me just say that my first two weeks at the Arden have been completely different in relation to each other.,My first week I worked at the Arden summer camp. I had thought since it was a summer camp I would be working with or near the kids but nope. My week was filled with organizing T-shirts and sheet music, cleaning classrooms, researching movies for the kids to watch, and getting to know the building and my co-workers. Now, my second week at the Arden wouldn’t be described as adventurous but it was just as interesting as my first. My week consisted of sitting at a desk and focusing more on the administrative side of the Arden. I organized numbers and evaluation forms instead of shirts, I learned how to navigate through the computer files and not the building, and lastly instead of researching movies like at the summer camp, I researched books for next years season.  My experience at the Arden has been, overall, very enjoyable and I hope it continues. ~ Nakyha

Poem by Alan

A means of self-expression,

self curation,

Divine Landscapes,

cinematic portraits,

cohesive and unified

Like the jigsaw puzzle of a breathing city

A wind that acts as impulse

the momentum of the rising lights

and descending Sun

escalates the essence

of a motionless moment