Professional Development Week 1

Professional Development Week 1

Hey everyone, it’s Ashley! In my last post about my first week as an intern I briefly went over Friday’s events. This article will go more in depth on what actually happened and some of the activities we did as a team.

For the first two hours in the morning with WorkReady, we were getting to know each other more as a group and talked about our experiences at our first week of work. We did a team building activity in which we had to tell someone from our team that was the designated artist to draw some figures without them being able to see it. I’m not a very good artist, I mean I have zero drawing skills, but luckily my team mates that did draw had almost exact replicas of what was on the hidden paper each time. Next, we played a game where we were given cards with topics and we had to perform a skit then let the rest of the group decide if our behavior was formal or informal for a workplace. My team’s skit was a little of both, it started off with a formal conversation between two employees but became informal when a not so well mannered guest came along. Lastly, there was the beach ball game. The ball had crazy questions attached to it and when it was thrown to you, you answered whichever question our hand landed on. It was funny to learn some weird facts about my peers.

After a short break we gathered together for the final leg of the day with the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance. The theme for the workshop was communication through storytelling. Mr Clark from First Person Arts, discussed the art of storytelling. He read us a few stories, told us one or two about his life (which were pretty hilarious and kind of gross), had us read a short story, and even made us write a story of our own about our life and share it in small groups. I don’t know which part was my favorite, having him tell us about how he threw up in his date’s mouth or listening to some sad stories from people in my group. Not because of the sad stories, but to see how willing they were to open up about themselves to people they didn’t even know and make me realize that maybe I could do the same. Needless to say I learned a thing or two last week.

I’m excited for next week’s P.D session and hope it will be just as informative and fun as last Friday’s.